A Quest for New Ideas

Are you stuck at figuring out a new business idea?

Do you want advice on some quick, simple and fun ways to generate ideas?

Are you thinking about your interests and hobbies and how to do what you love (career or study path)?


It is clear that there is an abundance of literature focused on developing the ideas, writing business plans or offering career advice, but there is a very limited supply of material to help those who are on the very early stage of the ideation process. Is it you? 




This book welcomes you on a quest to find your own path, be it a new career or your business, based on your passions, hobbies and interests.


More than 40 business titles were researched to compile this illustrated material on different creative techniques following a logical flow of learning more about yourself, looking and evaluating different options, sharing and connecting with others, shaping your ideas and preparing your plan.


The works of the most prominent authors on entrepreneurship, idea generation and business models (including 'Flow', 'Startup 2014', Guy Kawasaki, Steven Johnson, High Macleod and titles from Financial Times) were researched, analysed and transformed into a graphic and concise work.




07 Apr 2015