Achievements exercise

Think about the leader or a business person you admire.

Why? Were there any amazing achievements?

Think about a few good examples who exactly inspired you.

Back to you - now think about things you are proud of - be it awards, achievements, something that might have happened unnoticed by others but you feel really good about?

Now it is your turn to become a journalist for 5 minutes - write up a short first page column about this all.

Do you see it clearer? You felt good and inspired!

List those that triggered inspired sensation!

How to turn them into your own business? Write your ideas down.

You need to set this almost impossible goal of setting up a business that is based on your aspirations and dreams.

This idea should be big, bold, almost impossible, but hey, you are the visionary!

Be bold!

You should be getting a lot of energy, feedback from others when you tell people about it. You are in a good territory then. Remember, if there is no spark or people agree easily you are probably not stretching your idea far enough!

Do some extra steps:

Write down what would be true about your idea in 3-4 years (which is not true now)
Write down what is important for you to make this happen. Why does it make you spark?

You start by creating a last chapter first - that’s what we call being result-oriented!

example: is a premiere source of information on idea generation.
It is a well known tool to store ideas, share them and work on them on the very early stages.
We feel driven to help people to generate business ideas that would make their lives better and benefit the society.

26 Feb 2014