Entrepreneurs as superheroes

‘Entrepreneur’ - do you perceive this term as good or bad, positive or negative, optimistic or not? For the majority of us it is definitely a positive concept related to creating something new, financial benefits and probably self-realisation or self-actualisation.
Yet there are people who would think of it in a different context - more towards the negative connotations of being greedy, not socially responsible, ready to sell everything and everyone for the profit.
Mass culture is also not that clear on whether to praise or to blame entrepreneurs and hence people are influenced in their perceptions.
Entrepreneurs wear different masks - from creative personas to technical geniuses, the ones who like to judge the ideas and the ones who cannot imagine a day without actually ‘doing it’. The latter seems to be the most difficult part for the majority of us - we can learn how to boost our imagination and creativity, how to evaluate the ideas or even write quite a solid business plan, yet when it comes to the implementation we do have excuses, time constraints and just simple laziness.
So what is it all about?
It is actually us who are Super Villains!
We are surrounded by obstacles and barriers such as market situation, recession, time constraints or lack of financial resources.
In that respect we think of Entrepreneurs as superheroes.
The superpower is an ability to fight inner demons which are telling everyone of us ‘Give up! You can’t do it, it is not ready, you are not as smart, the idea won’t work!’.
The fight makes you hero in your own eyes by creating this business idea from scratch. Isn’t that magic? No it is not, it is hard work and a simple belief in that single superpower of ‘ME’
Include and the superpower becomes even strong with ‘US’!
Try it today! Let us know about your own superpowers!

28 Sep 2013