Entrepreneurship irony

We want to be our own boss. That is why we start this entrepreneurship journey.


We also fail often (I did), but we learn by doing.

One of the main learnings from the past ventures was that you need help (a partner, freelancer or a mentor).

The irony is that even though you start a business because you want to be independent, self-sufficient and self-directed, yet you won’t be able to achieve this without others helping you along the way!

You do not need necessarily to share a part of your business, but when dealing with your venture’s early days think about help in licensing or simply accounting, maybe some creative help with advertising, or just an external look at your business model.

It can be sometimes pretty difficult to admit that you need help, but a slight change in attitude would be so beneficial.

Think about someone who spent months on researching different fundraising options and can produce a valuable advice for your new business idea.

Open up to the world of collaboration.

04 Jun 2014