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EvilJoy invites you to check out .. us!

We are is a social platform for aspiring or current entrepreneurs to create, develop, share, shape and get the new business ideas off the ground.

EvilJoy’s mission is to help to turn people’s passions into new business ideas!

Stop right here, we hear!

With a few existing and well known portals like and, and a bunch of crowdfunding sites like and it is a valid question of Why another site?

Moreover, there are thousands of books and guides outlining how to get onto the entrepreneurship ladder and succeed.

They are huge and they mostly focus on the topic of analysing your potential business, getting funding and entrepreneurial skills to ‘pull it off’.

Though most people are not there yet!

They are all alone with their thoughts or hunches about a potential business. This enormous range of books and sites is actually creating a barrier for them - they start thinking they are ‘not born for it’ or ‘it is too complicated’.

What happens often is that they simply give up on it before the idea even gets a chance to grow!

We want to help them!

At EvilJoy users are landing at social network of thoughts and hunches (very young ideas).

We want to connect people developing their new business ideas from scratch.

The main difference of is that it helps users on a very early stages of idea development.

Our mission is to explain and gamify new business idea generation, entrepreneurship and startups.


We aim to make this all very accessible for everyone.


We believe that creating less barriers to become an entrepreneur and launch a startup would mean a better life for all of us!

Get involved with!

Want to know more?


Additional information about key features, site structure and our contacts is below!

EvilJoy says: ‘Turn your passion into new business idea’.
It describes a community for the like-minded entrepreneurs who are developing, shaping and getting their business ideas off the ground.

It is all about young and tender ideas, about shaping them and engaging with others to seek feedback, form partnerships and build a network!

The key differentiators of are:

1. It is FUN! Evil, Robin and Penguin are different personalities you can find in every entrepreneur. Shared joy creates a network and it fuels the creative process enormously!
Sir Richard Branson: ‘I never went into business to make money - but I have found that, if I have fun, the money will come’.

2. It is EASY!

We have introduced our exclusive graphic content to present idea generation techniques, articles about creativity and entrepreneurship in a structured and easy to digest way! There are just a few people who have time to read dozens of 500-page books on startups, so we urge visitors to concentrate on the ideas! THINK with us!

We are to challenge people who claim that ‘running your own business is not an easy option. It needs people with outstanding qualities and they deserve our admiration’.


EvilJoy says it is easy as soon as you are passionate about your idea. Are we really doing it for others to admire us? We do that for ourselves to get the most out of our lives!

3. It is all about YOUNG ideas on early stages of their development.


Should the visitor have a fully developed project they are better off with the established crowdfunding sites, but we believe the Web lacks a platform where everyone can start from scratch and grow ideas into fully developed ones!

4. It is about a NETWORK of entrepreneurs.

We invite entrepreneurs to connect, share, engage, and find partnerships. No one can really underestimate the importance of networks which give you more knowledge about the markets, innovations and actually giving you more confidence.

5. It is about CREATIVITY.

We hope our visitors will develop many ideas. Some of them may lose the initial interest or just be shelved for now, but who knows, maybe the hard work and those sparks of brilliance will shape once shelved idea into a new profitable business?
Steve Jobs said: ‘.. the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.’

6. It is about GIVING.

Some people are concerned that their ideas would be stolen. They are right, yet think about all those well known business people around - they are boldly delivering and sharing their ideas to make them even better!

We believe that smart sharing would only grow your idea further.

Yet of course at EvilJoy our users are fully in control over the visibility of their logged ideas.

How the site is structured?
THINK allows visitors to get the information in that graphic content style.
SHARE is a section that has all public business ideas in it.
PLAY is dedicated to ideas in Gaming - they do make our life fun and thrilling, don’t they?
GIVE is about making small donations to support other projects and/or providing your valuable feedback about other ideas.

And finally some personal touch - we have started writing our own story!

It is about how it all began - ‘ story so far’, it is all work in progress and we will be updating it with this project’s successes and failures, learnings and user stories.

More questions or suggestions?

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01 Aug 2013