EvilJoy story so far

Hey there, Joy's here!

Please allow me to tell you about my journey to here and hopefully give you some ideas how you can get going on yours!

Funny enough, but you are going to shape our story as well (being a very active idea genrator and collaborator!).

My friends Robin and Penguin with my humble self are committed to help you to turn your passions into new business ideas.

It all began for us in early April 2013... 

I have a great job that I enjoy.

It has been already quite some time since I knew that I'd like something more in addition to what I do. The question was 'what?' - or how to do something I truly love and earn from it?

I have tried though - you normally start with something that is obvious and easy, probably something close to what you do now.

Yet I found it very difficult to keep on doing almost the same job (for myself) I was doing at work.

Sounds familiar?

The most important thing for me was to find an answer to that question that would also inspire me most of the time!

Shall I say I consider myself quite a proactive evil?

I guess it was a time to think differently and consider this frustration as actually an opportunity to shake things up (mwahaha)

The search has started!

It has been one book after another, long hours working on my laptop researching. It has been actually quite boring and tiring at times.


How to approach this? What is it going to be?

Yeah.. it is going nowhere..


I consider myself as creative, I was told I was a good friend and quite knowledgeable...

Speaking about friends.. Hello, Robin!

R (after hearing me out): I am actually happy to do what I love, it is such a hard work, but I definitely know why I wake up every morning, commute to the meetings..

Alright, more books then?
More research?
How can you keep yourself alive with these piles of books?

Hello my uni friend! (We call him Penguin.. shhh... no wonder why!)

P: 'Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration' as said by T. Edison

Penguin reminded me to look how it was done earlier, the cliche tales told me to try something that helped in the past!

We all know about these 'idea generation techniques'. 

(impatiently waiting for a spark of brilliance) Is it going to happen?


What exactly did that Penguin say about Edison and his ideas?

Again nothing?
Do I do something wrong?

How can I force the ideas out?

It has been dozen of 400p books, another dozen of 300p and nothing! It is also supposed to be fun and exciting (bliss of discovery or something!), yet it became just boring to read almost the same story over and over again...


To tell the truth I have been putting something down on paper but it was just left there. I do not think I am confident enough it would work!

R: Just imagine a day, or no, better a week of sheer fun!
Oh that can be nice!

R: not just that you naughty one!

After some time I am sure you would eventually turn to do something.. What would it be?

Shhh, don't disturb the party!
It has been quite fun, quite..
Ok it is enough! That fun doesn't excite me anymore, it was quite meaningless and started to be boring too. Am I that helpless?

People say you need to be thinking about helping others, that's a very positive thought.


What do I already know? Wine.. that's just a hobby, isn't it? I can do gambling, it is so evil!


This search is starting to look like a big gamble as well. Can I do writing? Is that evil enough?

One day I have received a call from a friend.


One of the things she asked me as to help her with some optimisation idea with regards to her online store. I think I was very drawn into that and gave her a good advice, she seemed to be very happy! It felt very good and definitely a time well spent.

After a short while my telephone rang and I've got a very good feedback from her: 'Thanks mate! It was your quick glance and I was able to optimise my shop's delivery payments and improved my margin! Well done, let's have a drink when you are in town'


Ah, bless, it is very nice!

She rang me afterwards: 'Hey, I've just thought that I wuld share my new business idea with you - you seem to grasp quickly the new things and I also wanted to discuss it with somebody...'

It was not a flash or eureka moment - it just came to me naturally - it was something I would love to do.


It also felt right - time started to pass so quickly, I do enjoy dealing with ideas, the novelty factor and I am also able to help others!

Let me dig deeper into that subject..


(I knew I was really passionate about this all. In addition to that my own business career indicates I'm actually very good dealing with new business)

Asking questions helps. 
Thing is, I need more people to give me feedback. I need to make sure my idea is viable.
Do you think some of them can become my partners for this project?

Friends: Euh, we are not sure, but let's get in touch and we get you connected to other entrepreneurs as well - it is a big chance that there would be someone who would love you idea.

They would like to discuss things with you and potentially get involved.

I went on to ask people I know...

I can help. Tell me!

I will also connect you with people I know!

I can help too - I have a broad knowledge of online retail.

Huh? Where do start I?

The idea is just so young and fragile now. I can see some small parts of it, but I need more help!

You should ask them whether they are willing to provide feedback or maybe even contribute to it somehow.

There are some who definitely should have some knowledge like Penguin does.

My friend told me that she felt that feedback could potentially shape her idea better than any advice she gets from the books. 

I understood why other people kept on saying about the 'power of networks'.

Awesome! It sounds like fun!
How about I will research, collect and share some useful information on idea generation, new business, startups, and entrepreneurship?
Go for it! I will try to help you make it fun! Fun THINK-ing!
Joy, your fun is addictive! I am now thinking that the materials about entrepreneurship should be straight to the point, but also visually stimulating.
(about helping a friend with the knowledge and idea feedback) You know guys it seems like we might just have our first 'client'!
Let's help her with her idea - it is still very sketchy and young. She needs more people to make it work...
For example, we should help her to find potential partners or collaborators...
Or just simply gain confidence, traction and momentum for her idea
Getting this young and fragile ideas off the ground for the first time is so important - without it the idea just stays in her mind or at most on paper..

Sounds lovely!

She shoud be able to log all tiny aspects of her idea in one place and keep on developing it.

She doesn't know what this idea would turn out to be at the end (from those small details and parts), but it is such fun as it can turn out to be much more than she expected it to be!
She asked me how much would we charge for it?
We will publish her idea for free to get our service moving as well!
Erm, hold on a second - we should cover our costs and then earn a little as well!
Agreed, but I will work extra to support all socially responsible ideas and they would go public for free.

OK, we will need to charge for the published Public idea and the creator will have all the fuctionality except adding attchments or URLs to it.

For the latter we would need additional resources so the Premium should be at extra charge.

(we need to research the market now and check the competitoon) Looks competitive

Guys, it seems that my passion actually represents a business idea about new business ideas of others.

How cool!

Awww, congrats mate! I didn't have any doubts you will succeed!


Do not forget to do good things and help people!

Stop for a second, you! Let's protect idea's privacy though! People should be in control of the visibility of the ideas.

OK! Consider it done. People should switch on and off the visibility at any time and also be able to edit ideas and comments at any time!


EvilJoy should open its doors to fun ideas in Gaming, Art, Food and Drink, Creative Media, Sport, and Other entertaining ones.

Turn your passions into new business ideas we say!


Welcome and enjoy our THINK section of exclusive content, browse and get involved into all ideas in SHARE section, the PLAY and GIVE ones are dedicated to the ideas in Gaming or socially responsible ones backed by Robin respectively. EnJoy!

19 Aug 2013