Give yourself an allowance to miss

We do not want to fail. Never. Yet we do. Sometimes. No big deal. Hopefully.

There are people who discourage you to follow the entrepreneurial path. Their judgement may be sincere, but definitely not productive. You, on the other hand, should also let go of self-judgement - you will gain self-confidence! Trust yourself and it will help to automatically eliminate judgement.

Think about a game of tennis - a player can execute the most impossible shot, and sometimes they miss, but a chance of winning big overweighs that risk.

When you allow yourself to miss, you are becoming stronger and more confident.

Give yourself this allowance and create something out of your passions today.

That’s where every entrepreneur learns about their own entrepreneurial path - they start working on the ideas, cultivate hunches and shape it into a new business. If it fails you learn and move on (to a greater idea). Do not force it too much, the best business idea will come to you. Use our exercises and guides for inspiration!
Have fun!

30 Apr 2014