How to create a new idea

You had a thought, a breakthrough or maybe just a very vague idea about to start something - the best way to move forward with this is to start describing it as a new idea at EvilJoy!
1. Create a name!
2. Create a short description to capture the essence of your idea. You can come back to it later if you want!
3. Assign your idea to a category and let the full of flow of your thoughts fill in the private box - that would be step 4. This section is private and nobody would be able to see it!
OK, so now you have all the basics filled in and you are to decide to make your idea public (you can manage the status anytime from your My Ideas tab).
You are very much in control when to publish and what to include in the public description. Your visitors won't see your private description and it is up to you what kind of story about your idea you would like to tell them in the public box!
Introducing an exciting advanced feature for serious entrepreneurs, sharers and feedback seekers!
If you want to use some external URL (a link to your site, blog or just a sketch uploaded somewhere) or add a logo or some pictures to your business idea you would need to activate your 'Premium' feature.
This feature costs £50 and your idea would have this advanced functionality for life!
That's all - you have now fully described your idea.
Work on it, shape it, develop it.
Come back to EvilJoy to read more articles about idea generation techniques - we would show you them in a very fun and straight-forward way!
Use your ideas to form new business ideas and develop them with EvilJoy!
Do you have more?
You can create as many as you want - we do not charge a penny for your private ideas and you are in control of their visibility - even the comments! We also do not hold any copyrights - your idea is fully yours!
One of the brainstorming techniques says that quantity breeds quality, why not to have fun and see where your ideas would get you?!

12 Sep 2013