How to work on thoughts and hunches to form new ideas

We at EvilJoy know that you are born for greatnness. You meant to be a successful entrepreneur!
You reckon you have business acumen? Any business skills? Think about all useful skills you have got, note them down.
Think about your passions, hobbies, interests. Note them down.
What do you like doing when not working? What brings you the most fun? Note those things as well!
Now it is time to chill. Breathe freely, think about the times you really felt yourself. When was it? What did you do at that time? Have more of ‘me’ time and note those instances.
Visualise yourself with a big fat cheque of, say, million pounds! Do you see yourself clearly? What are your thoughts about your future? What are you going to do then? Note this all down as well.
Fill in the gaps. Get all the notes together. Do you feel you know yourself better?
Brainstorm around the noted bits.
Have a break, switch off, come back to it and brainstorm more. Quantity breeds quality.
We are coming to another barrier many people fear - they are alone with their thoughts and hunches.
EvilJoy believes that creativity needs a network, people working in groups, generate more options and simply learning by doing. That is why we advise you to log your ideas and share them with friends and other users!
Let us give you more advice on what to do with your notes, hunches, bits of ideas.
Group all you notes somehow in small idea or unformed selection of thoughts and log them as new ideas at your EvilJoy account.
They are all private now and you can come back any time to add more details, work on them, ask your friends about them, ask our residents, keep on working!
Everytime you feel creative or a sudden wave of brilliance you can just come back to them and work on that list of smaller ideas or private descriptions - come back and add value to your ideas.
Ideas are made from parts like any device! You just need to connect the components (your passions) to solve the puzzle of your brilliant idea.
When you have many ideas it allows you to select the ones you would feel more passionate about.
It can be a feeling that they are better commercially, team-wise (think about who is going to do sales, marketing, technical, finance etc!) and just gut instinct!
Try mind map exercise: attempt to connect these different ideas of yours and find out if there is an interconnection or a contrast that creates a new idea based things that you love doing the most!
It is merging two existing concepts and getting a new result. Some people call it opening a new door, some - normal idea reproduction. We just urge you to try - you would be surprised about new emerging ideas!
Let’s give you an alternative exercise if you are stuck with that one. We all operate in own own boundaries - evil can be stuck on the island, but did he challenged the status-quo and explored all the options?
Define the limits, underline the keywords that define those boundaries and now try to challenge them. Your creativity will now redefine the initial situation and give you a new solution.
And a bit more food to fuel your creative juices. This is how you can simply reinvent the ideas:
If your idea is in travel business, what would happen if you substitute it with food industry?
Your idea targets students? What if you target wealthy expats?
You supply products from China? Did you explore local options?
You market your product based on functionality. What would happen if you start targeting emotional appeals like fame, sex and impulse purchasing?
You will have a selection of ideas by now. It is time to work on them by sharing it within the network, seeking feedback and shaping bits and pieces about them.
Just imagine a survival of the fittest ideas - what happens when they connect and fuse? They actually compete! This is the way they complete each other.
Networks create an environment where those partial ideas can connect - shall we call it a dating site for good and promising hunches?
Warning! If you are already in business try not to tie yourself to what is known or exists. Think outside of the reality box - imagine are a blank piece of paper and you are trying a put all your talents and interests in one place.
If later on you would find out (and you most probably will) that your existing business or full time job can add value to your new business then be it. Don’t assume anything, challenge and research who you are.
EvilJoy want you to follow your wildest dreams. This is the only way to make a difference for yourself and have fun!

27 Sep 2013