Idea generation is a perfect pitch

Ideas are pitches.

How to prepare to a perfect pitch is thus a way how to generate an idea.


Use the notepad to collect thoughts and hunches. A pitch is then created (as an idea) , shared, and formed into a better one. You can use account for that,

What is normally in the pitch (think of different presentations, creative and design concepts)?


Pitch consists of a title, problem itself, its solution, proposed business model, something specific to the idea and model (why it would work magically?), outline of marketing and sales plan, how competition is taken into account, management team, financial projections, and current status (where are you now with this all?)

Many business authors underline the power of questioning everything, even challenging it.


Kawasaki suggested that the most effective way to challenge your pitch is to ask ‘So what?’.

Example: EvilJoy is providing graphic educational material to help aspiring entrepreneurs with their idea. So what? So everyone can start generate new ideas easily.

Graphic materials reduce the time needed to learn how to generate new ideas. So what? So you don’t need to spend months and months studying the literature.

EvilJoy provides advice for the early stages of entrepreneur adventure. So what? So everyone feels at ease to start something they like doing (be it a business, or part-time activity).

05 Jun 2014