If you cannot find work

Work.. It gives us satisfaction, a purpose, money, and.. a pain when you do not have one.

When it comes to unemployment, we've all seen the stats. We know it is bloody stressful.

Many young people are unemployed, because they lack experience and it can create a vicious circle of bad luck. It starts to look hopeless...

Sir Richard Branson suggests, people could be wasting their time applying for endless coffee shop jobs when they could be doing something that actually means something to them. Think of anything that means to you that much. What is it?

We believe an unemployed person can use their time wisely. They can still send dozens of CVs, but instead of feeling desperate about the replies it is time to be creative and ideate.
Idea generation will fill you up with optimism.

Where you may want to look for ideas?

Think of familiar businesses, emerging technologies or even your unmet needs.
Search the web for work from home opportunities, business for sale, becoming an affiliate, creating a small side business. Feel the creative juices flowing.

Go for a walk, disconnect from the web for a while and listen to yourself, write everything down.

Take on multiple hobbies - you have time for everything now. Go out and have a cuppa, talk to people, listen to their ideas, borrow them and change to design something that is ultimately you.

It is all about you really. Take control.

14 Mar 2014