Main features of EvilJoy

EvilJoy is a social platform for aspiring or current entrepreneurs to create, develop, share, shape and get the new business ideas off the ground! EvilJoy helps to turn your passion into a new business idea!
Thus it is crucial for us to provide you with fun and easy to use network environment which boosts your creativity and triggers the creation of new business ideas based on your passions and life aspirations.
EvilJoy also backs all socially responsible ideas, yet we do not aim to change the world at once, but we do our best to promote green and good projects.

Here are the main features that make this all possible:
1. New Idea creation
Think about EvilJoy as your handy idea organiser - every time you have a spark of brilliance just log in and Create new idea in your account. It takes just a minute to log the title, select a category, write down a short description and put some details in the private description tab.
Our administrator would quickly check that your idea doesn’t violate any Terms and approve it.
2. THINK articles
That spark of brilliance, eureka moment or you name it… Those are rare or some people would just say that have given up on trying.
No more tears, our team has prepared a set of graphic articles for you to find out more about entrepreneurship, new idea generation and different techniques, mind exercises and even games you can employ to make this all fun, exciting and rewarding.
Napoleon’s once said that ‘Imagination rules the world’ - do you agree?
3. Sending Private Link to friends
Your idea is now logged and you are polishing some details. Yet it can be just a wee early to share it to the whole world, but why not sending the link to it to your friends? You have an option to do that, so please create your idea’s public description. You can then use Private Link to send it to your friends (they would need to quickly register in order to view your idea securely).
Do you feel anxious about how your friends would react to it? You can always skip this step and ignore your friends’ opinions - what do they know?
4. Upgrading to Public from My Ideas
It is a very bold step to make your idea available for the whole world to see, comment and get involved. Yet it is one of the important steps to get it off the ground - watch out, there is no way back!
EvilJoy charges a small fee for that, so when you are ready and willing to exchange ideas about your project with fellow visitors and maybe even get some people involved in it you can Upgrade your idea to Public status from My Ideas tab and get this ball rolling - it is very exciting, a bit frightening yet you are to make one giant step towards the execution!
5. Commenting and supporting (My supported Ideas)
So now you know - you and all other users can create ideas, send the links to friends, make them public. This is when even more fun begins - users start commenting on your ideas, you begin browsing other ideas, gain some inspiration and maybe also get involved into the others. Users can also make a small £5 charitable donation to the ideas they particularly like, or likewise receive donations from other users.
Check out the ideas listed in ‘GIVE’ section - they are all backed by Robin and that means they are all socially responsible!
6. Upgrading to Premium from My Ideas
Are you having fun? We hope so! Have you already received some comments from your friends and/or public? You may even have some sketches, logos or a simple website. EvilJoy offers a Premium feature for you to showcase your initial work - this would be enabled for your idea for life - change the links, show logos, ask about them - you decide!
7. Surely you can tweet, facebook, google+ or linked in us! vote for the idea of the month!
To ensure the fun never stops share your ideas, articles you like and vote for the best ideas using your social media accounts at FB, twitter, G+ or LinkedIn - spark more conversations, boost your entrepreneurial network and get even more connections and fun!

16 Sep 2013