Overcoming fears

You most probably had some crazy, but exciting ideas when you were a kid.

Some of those developed into something more than just insanity. Most of them then were criticised by your parents, friends and family.

Think of them. What exactly you were dreaming about? Note it and go on reading this.

Have you thought about the consequences?


You’ve heard all of that. And you’ve listened. This possibility of failure was brought to you by your caring family (no irony intended), society that needs workers and the state that needs structure, not creativity.

The fears grew with your school achievements, prospects of missing out on Uni, possible negative judgement from your family and friends.

These negative consequences inhibit us. That is exactly how we learn to stay neutral in our choices, private in our thoughts to avoid judgement and trying so hard to minimise the possibility of a failure. That is how our childhood creativity diminishes and we become more structured and dominated by everyday routine.

That is why the vast majority thinks of starting their own business as a dream. Many of us think that they are stuck and are completely useless for not coming up with a viable and brilliant idea and that is why is here to help you.

We want to face these fears, not avoid them.

Fears are not necessarily bad, they are just projections on possible consequences.

All we need to do now is to learn how to fail correctly. There is always a possibility of a failure, but if you come prepared, you would be taking actions with a calculated risk. That’s it.

Feeling better?

Another thing here is just to say that for many of us there would be failures; for some there would be just one, for some - a lot more. Many successful entrepreneurs admit that their success came after a row of failures. They add that it only gave them an additional determination to succeed. The lessons from the failure gave them an invaluable insight for the new innovation.

Allow yourself to potentially fail.

Feeling more free?

Try to un-inhibit yourself. You know there is risk, but you come prepared (there are books on startups which describe in detail how to run the business) and you allow yourself to fail (not your goal obviously, but if it happens then you learn something to move forward and do better).

Remember, the ideas are simply yours.

You should dare to get them see the light, and let others see them as well.


The only real fear here is that you may be missing on a big success if you do not act. The rest is just learning. Fear missing right!

12 Mar 2014