Share your new business ideas like masterchefs do

When first asked about EvilJoy’s concept we had a lot of positive feedback yet one of the biggest concerns was the fact that users will not share their thoughts, hunches or young and tender ideas.
Agreed, some ideas won’t be shared for many reasons including confidential technology or just simply lack of courage from the owner’s side. It is life.

Yet there are definite benefits in creating and sharing your new business ideas.
Think about chefs - they constantly share what they know to make recipes even better.
Chefs are eager to tell the world about their inventions with the aim to perfect them and of course make a statement about their culinary talent.

Masterchefs are not afraid of anyone stealing recipes or making a creative adaptation of them (to the extent they can run a successful restaurant and use them), they are confident and they are givers. We all know those givers are very well paid!
Can you think of people’s motivations to start up a new business? Novelty and creativity are one of the important factors, among other reasons, which make our taste buds tingle. Inspiring?

We say yes! You should share like masterchefs to get your unique ‘recipe’ perfected.

23 Oct 2013