Start something now

Picasso once said - Inspiration exists, it just needs to find you working.


One would argue that it is a vicious circle of not knowing what to work on and actually needing that elusive inspiration.
We have got an idea for you.

Think about your hobbies and interests, which are probably the areas you would want to set up a future business around. Write them down.

OK, it is wine. I am a trained sommelier, knowledgeable about wines, yet my brilliant business idea hasn’t materialised.

No, I am a travel fanatic who would love to earn a living with this, but just not sure how.
Sounds familiar?

Fear not, you can be in business and earning money with your hobby, knowledge or experience right away!

Yet the absolute amount of money is of less relevance here - the major point is that you would be in business and that inspiring moment would happen one day whilst you are working!

Coming back to wines.You can earn money without selling wines directly, or keeping the stock or renting any commercial property (not even mentioning the possible licenses etc).

You can advise people on wine, share your knowledge, interesting facts, engaging with like minded people etc.

You need a website - call it a blog, a journal, whatever really. There are free platforms like wordpress or google’s blogspot where you can register a site with no fuss at all.

You can start writing, posting pictures and making it useful for others. People will start finding it in search engines - surely there would be ones who like what you have to say!

Those people are potential customers of wine retailers and supermarkets.

Would it be a good idea to promote them on your blog for a share of their profits?

Yes, it definitely would!

It is called affiliate marketing when one partner sends potential customers to merchant’s online shop and gets rewarded either by one off fee (CPA) or by a percentage of an order value.

Everyones earns. It is this simple!

To earn money you would need to either sign up as an affiliate directly with the merchant if they have an affiliate programme, or sign up at affiliate networks who serve those businesses. In our case we have found that some wine retailers are served by Affiliate Window - that is where we have created an account, got approved and then placed a banner code on our website.

Check out ExposedWines - small images on the right are promo banners and if people click on them and then buy something you start earning you partner commission.

There are more ways how to earn with your website, but we just wanted to show you that you really can start doing something about your business now!

Surely you will generate new ideas very soon after you get involved into this business sector.

We utilise affiliate marketing at - our programme allows you to earn 49% of revenues coming from the other users you refer to us. That means you can get 24.5 pounds for the ones who published a Premium idea.

You can do the same utilising your hobbies, interests and passions.

Useful links:

1. Blogging services: Wordpress

2. Domain names and hosting: Bluehost

3. Affiliate networks: write to us what do you plan to promote and we will advise

4. Full service web design studio: Our partner

27 Feb 2014