The best UK postgraduate Entrepreneurship courses reviewed the best UK postgraduate programmes for you to consider. Choose where to study Entrepreneurship based on your aspirations!


1. MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management at Imperial College London
This business school is ranked 7th in the world and 1st in Europe for entrepreneurship (FT’12), so it most probably provides with the best access to renowned academics, experts, entrepreneurs, incubators and angel investors. This costly programme (expect to pay £22000) consists of major and quite typical business administration subjects, but also one called Entrepreneurial journey, which is spread along the whole course.
2. MSc Entrepreneurship at Royal Holloway University of London
Organisational development and research seem to be the core modules. It is rather affordable - from £9200 for UK students and £14700 for International ones. Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business opportunities, ideas and planning seem to address whole concept of generating the ideas and working on them, which makes this offering quite interesting. There core courses are complemented by specialist entrepreneurship focused subjects like Responsible Entrepreneurship or Entrepreneurial Marketing.
3. MSc Management and Entrepreneurship at University of Sussex.
Being out of Greater London they keep the fees a bit lower with £6950 for the UK students and £14100 for the International ones. They recognise the importance and growing need for the knowledge of starting the business or managing small and medium enterprises. Thus the core subjects are complemented with practical training, which in their words enables you to formulate and explore entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities. This is very much what an aspiring entrepreneur looking for.
4. MSc Entrepreneurship at the University of Nottingham
This practical programme offers a range of subjects ranging from innovation and entrepreneurship ones to more specialised ones such as Sustainability or International business. A real Business Plan can be developed instead of an academic dissertation, which supports their claims that they value practical participation by organising case studies, simulations, group projects and guest speakers. It is priced OK, so you would need to pay £10000, or £17000 if you are an International student.
5. MSc Entrepreneurship at Surrey Business School
This course is already inviting the ones who would be interesting in teaching Entrepreneurship which says a lot about the amount of theoretical content. When you skim through the modules you find a lot of strategic and financial management modules. Yet to be fair they do also allow you to create a new venture plan instead of a dissertation. We may need convincing on this one. The cost is quite high - £17130 for International students and £10130 for domestic ones.
6. MSc Management (Entrepreneurship) at the University of Brighton
They do offer very average syllabus, yet covering many aspects of entrepreneurship - starting from ‘Accounting for managers’, management project and also a very surprising selling point of International study visit (no details on that, but it gives a course a very distinctive advantage of catering for global businesses). Cost is average as well - £10980 to £14220.
7. MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Warwick.
Warwick has brilliant reputation. Be prepared for a significant difference in costs - it is quite accessible for domestic students (£11000), but quite expensive for foreigners (£20280). Course description seems like it is not specifically focused on startups, yet it tackles the development of products or services to bring them to a launch level. The modules are unique as well - from ‘Establishing a new business” to a very important ‘Leadership’ module. They have covered Sales management and Financial analysis and control.

28 Feb 2014