Think outside of the boundaries

This ever popular thinking outside of the box... We are encouraged to do so, but noone hardly tells how to do it. Let’s discuss boundaries.
How do we define them?
Shall we play a bit of a game?
Log your idea or opportunity. Underline or mark all important phrases in the description (the ones that really key to your idea).
Now think about the first one and challenge it. Next day delivery guaranteed? Can you do same day? Luxury against way too cheap? Challenge all of them!
Do you see how your idea is starting to redefine itself?
Celebrate it. Have fun!
When you create a story or in our case try to come up with the challenging alternatives to your idea’s components you need a creativity boost.
Some of the greatest marketing gurus suggest you can some or all of the following:
Did you plan to sell flowers on an open market? What about wholesale? Think about different channels and routes to market.
Did you plan to sell lamb burgers to an upmarket audience? Do you think a good college nearby would make students to be your new target ?
Entrepreneurs are normally very curious people who are watching the trends. What is hot right now? What is hot tomorrow? Incorporate that!
Think about what else you can sell together with your idea? Would exclusive wrapping be a selling point for your flowers or actually money making machine?
Is your idea more of a functional one or emotional? If it is all about pragmatism with your idea maybe it is time to add an emotional appeal?
Final touch - did you want to sell your book on Amazon? It is time to think about a brand new way to sell your brains and start a consultancy firm? Think about new industries for your idea!

29 Oct 2013