Toddler exercise is about to show you one of the techniques how to shape your new business idea.

We basically would like you to imagine you are talking to a toddler and trying to explain your idea.

Even though it may sound like a silly exercise it will bring you a lot of value - you would focus your thoughts and make your idea's description very clear.

Simplicity of your own idea is a known issue - people tend to overcomplicate them with a lot of features.
It creates a bigger problem - people start solving unnecessary problems. They imagine an existing business operating with a lot of useful features. Have they thought about that huge amount of resources needed to make it all happen?
How long it would take to get the idea to be developed? Do not lose the momentum - the longer you postpone the launch, the more complex it becomes. It would end up to be an absolute nightmare.

It is very difficult to cut some elements from your idea, but in order to keep the pace and motivation going you should be bold in cutting the excessive parts of your idea and saving them for later.

So this toddler exercise aims to help you cutting those unimportant parts.

Your idea description most definitely is too complicated and way too robust, you need to start simplifying terms and getting some of the components to sound more straightforward.

Our own initial description was ‘EvilJoy is a platform, resource and a network for the like-minded entrepreneurs to create, develop, share and eventually implement new business ideas. The mission of EvilJoy is to help people to turn their passion into profitable businesses in a fun and entertaining way.’

It is a bit of a lie - we couldn't find our first sketchy notes which were probably 20 times longer. Yet looking back at it - they did not consist of any more detail than the above!

There is still a need to improve it and create a description easier to understand.

Think about that toddler - why he would even care about the words ‘platform’, ‘resource’ or ‘network’?
Do you think they actually even grasp the term ‘implementation’?

Let’s start with ‘EvilJoy is a place for people to have fun and to start creating imaginative ideas that change the world for a better place’.

Sounds better?

Well, some of you would call it a bit cliche or maybe a bit too simple. Does it sound like a fairy tale forgotten in the dry business world?

We should add some short 'call to action' to stimulate the toddler to move and do something, otherwise his short attention span would get him back to the other toy!

Why this site is great?

‘Have fun and discover things you love to do. Meet other ‘funsters’ here!’

Did we cover the main things we wanted?
- social network for entrepreneurs; 
- having fun; 
- thinking and developing the passions into something meaningful;  
- socially responsible; 
- creative. 
Seems so.

Try it for your idea - do your best to shape it and describe what exactly do you want to do!

Share your examples with us via email; create your own ideas and post the toddler pitch there.

Your creativity is safe: you will turn it from messy to something understandable! 

26 Sep 2013