Tweaking ideas into online

Good examples of successful businesses share one feature - they all took a traditional or brick-and-mortar business, like a restaurant or a takeaway and changed it by introducing an online* order service.

Some of these businesses are not on high street anymore (or never were) - they have just exploited the demand by creating a pure online business.

Your passion or hobby can be offered or used in an online business.

Be it even an affiliate site (yes, you can write about fashion and earn money by placing adverts on your blog), a simple online shop of something that you do, a larger e-commerce entity or something that we even cannot imagine now.

Do you see how you can tweak an existing business or concept into an online one?

There are lots of smaller steps to do before you can start trading and / or earning money out of it, but in general after you developed a business model all you need is a website. You can use cost-effective templates, free services and develop a custom website. EvilJoy partners with the web development studio, which offers 25% discount on all custom quotes through us. Get in touch for an introduction.

*or mobile as we are accessing information on-the-go as well

30 Apr 2014