What to do with your newly created idea

Hey there!
So we get it - you have your own cheeky or evil, smart or even brilliant idea (maybe even several of them?) already described at
Let us suggest to you what to do next!
First things first, let's ensure you are making the most of the idea creation features that we have:
- do you have a smart and catchy short description?
- do you fill in quite enough in public description to showcase your idea?
Do you have something more to show like pictures, sketches, URLs (your own website, blog or some online mockups), or logos?
Consider activating Premium feature which will significantly increase your chance of meeting so needed collaborators and simply to get some traction or help for your project!
Luck favours the one who asks!
When you have just created your idea EvilJoy administrator will review it and you need to get your idea approved before sending private links or upgrading the status!
We aim to review your ideas within 12hrs or contact you in case there is something wrong.
Please refer to our Terms of Use for guidelines.
Your idea is approved and you can hit that ball from your side of the court!
We suggest you can start by sending the link to your idea to your friends (just ensure you have public description filled in!).
Your friends can then browse through and leave their feedback, can you imagine how fun and possibly useful it is?!
Your friend would need to quickly register with his name and email to view your idea so you know who is leaving you their comments!
You will now shape you idea further and become more confident, is it time to show your idea to the world?
Upgrade your idea to Public and collect feedback from our visitors that you may not know at all! As you can imagine strangers won't necessarily be afraid to tell you the truth and hurt your feelings. Be bold and ready to hear their 'truth'!
This feedback is really invaluable and you would be able to shape your project or even discard it and focus on the other more lucrative one!
There are a lot of other reasons of getting your ideas out to the world (well, to EvilJoy community really!): - you may find potential collaborators, freelancers or service providers;
- you can benefit from small charitable donations of £5 from fellow visitors. According to a research an average entrepreneur needs £1000 to get the idea off the ground - it is only 200 visitors who would love your idea!
- and finally just do not underestimate the importance of a network - it lives the same values, ambitions , energy and optimism!
Get inspired by browsing ideas and commenting on some of them which you think you can contribute to or have a strong opinion about.
You can get in touch or get involved directly into someone's project. Browse ideas by category and see where this journey would take you!
You may also find your perfect team to do evil entrepreneurial things and have fun!
Join our discussion on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ - we invite you to select Ideas of the Month and vote for them.
Can it be you who gets a recognition?
Come and check our graphic articles about entrepreneurship and idea generation in Think section - don't be shy to share your thoughts and experience with us.
Finally when you are very very ready let us show you what to do next! Have fun turning your passion into a profitable and rewarding business!

13 Sep 2013