What is

Hello! My name is Joy and I am going to tell you about this networking site! is a social platform for you to create, develop, share, shape and get your new business ideas off the ground. As you can see it is all about early stages of your idea generation!
I am here to help you to turn your passion into business!
Create your account and log your new business ideas.
Create as many ideas as you want! Write them down and come back to work on them!
(your account and private ideas are free!)
Check out our ‘Think’ pages, we talk about creativity and idea generation. That may help in your brainstorming!
Develop your ideas by seeking feedback, validating your assumptions, and finding so much needed partners and collaborators!
You can send a private link to your friends first and then upgrade your idea to Public status so it would be visible in the respecting category.
Engage with the like-minded aspiring or current entrepreneurs by leaving your feedback or getting involved in their own ideas.
Share, comment, get involved.
Picasso once said that 'Inspiration does exist, but it has to find you working'! Have some fun too!
Should you wish to show your idea to the world you can add web URL, logo and pictures or sketches to your idea - you would need to activate Premium feature for that.
You can advertise your already existing business using this feature - our network is eager to find out more about your business!
Let us introduce Robin - he would be backing all socially responsible ideas.
We do not aim to change the world at once, but we do our best to promote green and good projects.
EvilJoy would allow ideas backed by Robin to have full functionality for free!
Our smart and clever Penguin is behind the exclusive graphic articles about entrepreneurship, small business, creativity and idea generation techniques. He is a bit nerdy, but such fun!
Visit our ‘THINK’ page to find out more!
Explore the ideas, be creative and get so much needed inspiration for your own business!
Achieve what you want from life and have fun!
Use as your exciting hub for all new business ideas! Welcome!