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What is
EvilJoy is a social platform for entrepreneurs to create, develop, share, shape and get the new business ideas off the ground! EvilJoy helps to turn your passion into business!
What are main functions of EvilJoy?
At EvilJoy you can create new business ideas, share them with your friends and other visitors.
You can also get involved in other ideas by providing your feedback to the ones you feel passionate about. You can express your appreciation by giving a small £5 donation.
EvilJoy publishes graphic articles about entrepreneurship ('THINK' section), we hope it is useful and entertaining!
For whom EvilJoy was created?
EvilJoy was created for all aspiring entrepreneurs, for current businesspeople and for the ones just starting to explore whether owning a business can mean a better life for them.
If you are passionate about something we invite you to explore whether you can set up a successful business and live happier and fuller!
Is it free to register?
Yes, you can create user account and start logging in your ideas and comment on other ideas absolutely free. Our content is free as well!
Is it free to create / log my ideas?
Yes, you can create your ideas as many as you want - all private ideas are free of charge.
What exactly do I need to pay for?
EvilJoy charges a small fee of £0.01 for you to show your idea to the public. Your idea would then be visible in the respecting category for three months.
Should you wish to prolong the visibility period EvilJoy would charge you same £0.01 for the following 3 months. Please note that upgrade to public status is free for socially responsible ideas (Terms apply)
EvilJoy has also designed a Premium feature to show additional pictures, logos, or a web URL. EvilJoy charges £50 for the Premium feature and it is activated for an indefinite period.
How do I create an idea?
You need to log in to your account and click on Create New Idea button to get started. There are several fields and boxes for you to fill in. For additional information we have created a full review of how to create a new idea ad it is available in the THINK section.
Is it safe to post my ideas? How do I protect the privacy of the idea?

Your idea is first created as a private one. Private ideas are not visible to anyone except maybe your friends to whom you would wish to send a direct link to your idea. As soon as you would make your idea public you are exposing the contents to the entire site's audience.
Please refer to Terms of Use for the legal implications but remember that 1) EvilJoy do not own any copyrights to your idea and 2) You are responsible for maintaining your idea in a good order - that includes third party comments as well!

Can I first share it with my friends?
If you are not yet sure whether you should reveal your idea to the world i.e. make it public on EvilJoy you can still create it as a private one and seek feedback from your friends - just send them a Private link - it is available in My Ideas tab!
Why do you have those characters that look like an Evil, Penguin and Robin Hood?
The characters are representing different sides of human behaviour, they also animate the site and help to present materials about entrepreneurship in a very engaging and fun manner! Why?:)  
How exactly the 'donate' function works?
You can support ideas you feel passionate about / seek support from others. For the sake of keeping this function as a small charitable donation function only we have limited the amount to only £5 which you can donate via Paypal by clicking on the respecting button. We pay out all donations during the first week of the month for the previous month. Each user who collects donations needs to have a valid and confirmed Paypal account.
How do I get involved into a project/an idea?
You can provide your valuable feedback for the idea, you can get in touch with the creator of the content and suggest that you can get involved in the project as a service provider or a collaborator and even propose a partnership. The world is your oyster!
How do I pay for the extras?
EvilJoy processes the payments via third-party payment processor Paypal. It is a world class system that is secure and transparent.
Is Paypal safe? Can I pay by card?
EvilJoy doesn't take or store any credit card information for the security purposes. We trust professionals to do this work for us - we use Paypal.
What is allowed on the site and what's not?
General common sense, general Internet ethics and rules apply here. Please respect each other and contribute to this community in a civilised manner. Please refer to Terms of Use for full information.
Do you protect the copyright?
EvilJoy provides the platform not the legal protection, you are responsible for your own ideas and content.
Does EvilJoy have any rights to use my idea?
EvilJoy may use your ideas for marketing purposes, i.e. to demonstrate different ideas that are published on EvilJoy platform, but EvilJoy Limited does not hold any copyrights to the published ideas. You as a creator assumed as a holder of the rights. Please refer to a detailed Copyright section of our Terms of Use.
Can I delete an idea?
No, you can revert your idea to be private again but you cannot delete it from the site.
Can I send multiple emails to users advertising my services?
Answer: You are asking 'Can I spam'? No
Can I steal somebody's idea?

Answer: Do we need to comment?

Can I be a member and/or participate without actually having an idea?
Of course you can - other users would welcome your involvement in their own ideas.
We are also quite sure that you would soon have your own brilliant idea!
How can EvilJoy help me?
EvilJoy helps to: a) shape your business idea; b) generate more ideas; c) find partners to help you make the idea happen; d) get some extra cash for your future start-up; e) develop more socially responsible ideas; f) share entertainment industry knowledge and trends
What about funding? Do you help? doesn’t lend money or has a primary goal to help you find funding - we are about shaping your business ideas and connecting you to the like-minded entrepreneurs. Share your young ideas as much as you want and get feedback or even involvement from others! We hope you have fun doing so!
I am not 100% clear about costs.. Can you explain in detail please?
Your account at is free: you can create ideas, comment, collaborate - it is all free. Yet idea's visibility status can be subject for a fee. EvilJoy charges £0.01 for every idea that you want to upgrade to public. We will void £0.01 charge if our editor decides that it has a socially responsible aspect and would assign Robin to back this idea. All new public ideas are visible in the idea category for 3 months, after that it would go into an archive (active in user profile and in search but not on the site). User can request the public status at any time for a charge of £0.01 per 3 months period.
Any restrictions and additional Terms?
EvilJoy allows ideas with the Premium status to contain web URL and pictures. Premium status can be purchased at any time for a fee of £50, the idea would have this extended functionality for life, yet you would need to keep maintaining your idea's visibility status.
In case your idea accumulated any donations for the calendar month, please request the cashout and we would process the amount minus our transaction fees which are currently at 10%. There are no other charges except paying for the idea status.
Are there any restrictions on what ideas are being published or not?

EvilJoy’s new business ideas can be from any Entertainment area- Art or Film, Gaming, Wine&Food or Creative Writing and Design. Our editor reviews all ideas before they are published on site. We reserve the right to decline an idea to be published if it doesn't follow our Terms of Use. Please note that the ideas that would promise to give a portion of the future profits to charity would not considered as socially responsible, but would be approved should they meet all other requirements.

More questions?
Please contact us by ideas {at}