Wine Bar in a small town

I always wanted to own a wine bar. Yet the problem is- in the big cities all the good locations are occupied and the wine bar opportunity is less likely to happen - this buisness needs damn good location. 
I am thinking now- should it be any critical mass of population for this business to succeed? Can it be delveloped in a small town, at a high street maybe?


Yeah well - another thing is the churn of customers. You need to provide an impeccable service in a small town - it is more difficult for you to replenish the customer base if you are going to lose current ones faster than attracting new ones... Sorry to be pessimistic, yet a thought to consider!
2013-09-22 09:21:10

It is a matter of profitability - you need clientele - can you say how much? I guess you would need to develop a forecasted Profit and Loss statement to see how many clients you need to serve to be breakeven and then to earn. The answer would be fairly simple.
2013-09-22 09:18:46