Service and delivery ratings


This is very simple - the need is there: we need to know how the online merchant serves the public.

Scenario: we need something niche or unique (say you know that Amazon is normally good, but what about some niche retailers?) and we need to know whether they also provide good customer service. 
Nobody wants to spend hours on the phone arguing with their customer service if you can just go and buy it in an offline shop, right?

Amazon has supplier ratings already, but what about some third partu - it can be a widget actually - that collects the data and presents it on the site.

Option 1 - it ca n even go on the retailer site

Option 2 - to be seen as super objective it can be a standalone site that users visit before making a purchase.

Example: I love Waitrose, but their delivery is awful - you cannot specify the time slot, they also require signature. It was once when I needed to wait two weeks for them to re-deliver. Surprise surprise I have decided not to order with them anymore. Yet Ocado which is full of Waitrose products has a very nice delivery service and cutomer support - how does the customer will get to know this?

Would be great to hear your suggestions!