Mobile apps - EvilJoy

 Hi all,

EvilJoy is looking at introducing Android and iOS apps for you to use EvilJoy on-the-go.

For that we are thinking of creating the following features:
- login (obviously!)
- 'create new idea' form
- My ideas (so you can access and administer your own ideas)
- Browse/search for ideas (so you can comment on them as well)

We would like to keep it very easy and straightforward, but if you are thinking about some useful feature here (especially valid for mobile maybe?) please let us know!

We will give away free Premium feature upgrades for everyone whose ideas would be implemented in the app!

Evil Joy


I can see the Android one is live already - it is pretty basic, but allows to access the ideas on-the-go. Any need for iOS one?
2014-03-21 08:17:06

Is it going to be a free one with advertising or users would still need to pay a small fee for an app to use it without ads?
2013-09-22 09:26:52