Hello there /i am not asking for a donation please keep reading ;) / !

Thanks for your time to check out my latest project -!

What is it?

EvilJoy is a social platform for entrepreneurs to create, share, shape and get new ideas off the ground! 

EvilJoy helps to turn users' passion into business!

Why EvilJoy?
We have a lot of literature and 'expert' startup guides which are in my opinion a bit intimidating. The aim of this project is to engage entrepreneurs on their very early stages of idea development, give them concise and straight-to-the-point information about idea generation and finally get them networking and exchanging ideas.. well about their ideas really!

The account and idea creation are free and everyone can log their ideas and even send the link with his/her idea to friends for free. Content (graphic articles in 'THINK' section) is also free, and I hope that would be the major PR and social media attraction!
Paid features are: upgrading the idea to Public status (every visitor would be able to see Public description and comment on the idea); and Premium feature which allows the user to add logos, web URL and maybe some sketches in a picture format.

So - what do you think?

To be more specific I am interested in:
1) general feedback - like/ don't like and what/why?
2) would you use it yourself?
3) what do you think needs to be improved (and cruicial for launching it)
4) how do you think i can attract my audience?

Please leave your comments below.

Thanks so much for your time!