Online entertainment search


It is basically an affiliate site that would be full of links to online gaming and entertainment companies, but with a twist!

A bit background of how this idea emerged: I was looking at playing some online games one evening and when I got to some comparison sites they were presenting me all this as it is not games but earning money or trying to rig the game. It was just about the bonuses, some play-through requirements etc.

Suffice to say I eventually ended up on a site, but I thought of more 'emotion-based' approach where you are driven by your impulse to play, but you do not know which game.
The comparison site would then need to take some emotional attributes - what do you want - and suggest some reccommendations for you.

My thought now is to do a set of emoticons - which then would be triggering some sort of slot machine and based on the emoticons chosen the user gets the advice (or several).
'Select 1 or 3 mood items and Find Your Fun!
'Explore New Emotions'
Maybe even steal 'I am lucky' button to provide a flash shocking result?

Any thoughts ? Would you think it is a way how to compare or better say suggest impulse purchases?