Kind and Healthy Lifestyle

I invite you on a cruelty-free, ethical and exciting journey to better ourselves, our families and the world too via my website

Let’s discover tasty plant-based meal plans for your healthy lifstyle, make nutritious food not only for ourselves but for our pets too (yes, I have a dog!) and live based on the values of kindness. You will reconnect with your own meaning of kindness and compassion.

Kindness to your body, pets, environment and the whole world – what could be more purposeful than that?

This website is dedicated to healthy plant-based recipes and meal plans for the whole family. Plant-based diet or vegan diet are proven to reverse diabetes, prevent from various cancers, improve cardiovascular health and also help with weight management. Eating unprocessed, low in saturated fat and refined sugar, whole foods makes so much sense. Vegan diets are easy too: low carb vegan meals and easy vegan recipes are available.