Skill Crown - Business Plan


A collaboration skill games portal, which offers users to play a wide array of skill games and earning opportunity for independent game developers



B2C: games into mind games, skill games (backgammon, rummy, etc)

B2B: independent game developers



Self-growing service portal:

  • wider variety of skill games
  • more interesting and rare games
  • opportunity to earn for small independent game developers (flashers)


Forecasted Profit


  1. Own game: 20% service fee from all bets
  2. Hosted game: 49% service fee from 20% developers margin from all the bets the game accumulates

c) Ad space selling (esp on free games and practice games)


Money needed:

Launch costs:

development of portal


several flash skill games (HTML5?)






  • development and marketing for the launch 
  • marketing monthly


Why is it unique?

  • wide variety, rare skill games for users who want to learn, exercise their mind, meet same kind of people
  • earning opportunity for developers



  • gambling skill games
  • free online games
  • a few white label skill game sites


How the products would be developed? New products?

  • in-house development
  • independent developers


Market size & Growth

?need to research more



Market & Sectors

  • board games
  • more into gambling
  • mind games


Likely customers (who, type, size)

  • quick game at work
  • bored at home in the evening
  • socialise whilst playing mind games
  • women at home


Competitors (who, size, position, response)

? who would be major?






Financial details

Summary of forecasts

? include the need to marketing expences in cash flow until project picks up

? different figures for Q1-Q4


Monthly profit / loss for 2 years


Profit for further 3 years

Monthly forecasted cash flow for the next 2 years


Assumptions behind forecast


Principal risks

  • games are not appealing to users
  • developers are not interested


S: collaboration concept; interesting and rare games

W: new concept; difficult to forecast;

O: skill games market is not restricted; sell branded games; sell ad space; new product development;

T: failure to attract min user database to pick up the project


Work in progress. Any collaborators - welcome!