I Blame The Wine

I Blame The Wine is a website about wine, wine in a context of happy and healthy lifestyle. Yet another pretentious and over complicated one?

No, this one will not serve as encyclopaedia or rave about how yet another Bordeaux obtained 90+ points and that is why you see it on the shelves. My idea is to make it straight-to-the-point useful and fun.

So what’s the focus and why it should be interesting?

We hear and actually see a lot of warnings, how harmful alcohol can be. Yet at the same time a moderate consumption of wine is deemed to be beneficial to your health**. So what’s the trick?

Trying to get my own mind around it, I have come across a wonderful saying by Democritus about water. When replacing water with wine and adapting it to my own language I’ve got:

The wine can be good and bad, the remedy is in learning how to maximise the good and deal with the bad.

Hence I would like to invite you to explore the world of wine and what’s around it (both good and bad), research about healthy lifestyle, how to incorporate wine into it and share the findings together. Please help me on this journey!