Support democracy in Ukraine and stop Putin

**edited on 03rd March 2014** Previously: Medical kits for the wounded in Ukraine 


This is to support Ukrainians and raise a strong voice in the entrepreneurial community against Putin's aggression.


We cannot be silent and stay aside of what is going on in Ukraine.

Not too many of you know that the real reason of protests is not the EU (joining or not), not even Mr Putin politics, but just a desire of educated Ukrainians to live in a better country without politicians living in palaces whilst those who cannot take care of themselves - pensioners, Chernobyl liquidators and simply cancer patients are left to die with their minimal 100 to 150 GBP support from government.

Current President Yanukovich is building another palace, his family now owns multi-billion businesses and the best recreational spots in Crimea, they have accounts in Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom and elsewhere. They hired thugs and special army forces to kill the protesters, their hands are covered with blood of 77 killed just yesterday, the 20th February 2014. It is a war really as government snipers are killing journalists, medical staff, women and children. It is shocking.   

They are still protesting and the whole world is looking for it to be resolved. Yet they do not want just any resolution, they want a fair justice and a real change.

This is an appeal for entrepreneurs, agents of change and simply people of the world who can and want to help those people to win the fight for the basic human rights.
This is an appeal to support democratic society, freedom of ideas and simply fairness.

We are not in Ukraine either so the money will go towards buying medical kits for the wounded protesters. Join us.

Everyone can make a simple £5 donation via Paypal. For the donations over £20 we will offer a free Premium account (worth £50) that would give an opportunity to promote your business or simply create a backlink to it (subject to the URL to be relevant to business, entrepreneur, ideas categories).

Thank you all!


This has been edited to reflect current state of affairs in Ukraine. We stand by what Sir Richard Branson said as well:
2014-03-03 08:58:59

We should probably rename it to Support the democracy in Ukraine as the violence stopped. There are concerns that the protest will stay until the legit government will be formed (that would satisfy Ukrainian people). Ukrainians are calling for reforms, honest politicians and preferably the new team to lead the country to EU-integration and economic reforms.
2014-02-24 05:42:21