Bridge as online game

Online Bridge

Find your fun through online casino

New concept of online casino portal

Removals comparison site

Search and compare removals companies in your area

Product testing site

A service that allows to quickly test a new product by offering it as a personalised one to first 1000 consumers

Thai green curry croissant

Food convergence - shop of weird, but 'somehow working' new food concepts

Spa breaks shop

Need for a quality comparison website to buy spa breaks, packages

Support democracy in Ukraine and stop Putin

Appeal for entrepreneurs and agents of change who can help Ukrainians win the fight for the basic human rights. We support freedom of ideas and simply fairness.

Tapas bar - delivery

Want to go to a tapas bar without leaving your house?! easy - just order online

I Blame The Wine

A bon viveur blog about food and wine, also everything that comes along with it. should be bold, informative and funny

Dinner menu helper

A service that makes a promise: tell us what you need and we will design it for you

Personalised designer underwear

Why not to take big brands like CK, Diesel, Aussiebums etc and provide a service to create personalised undies

Bid on a tee

Customers can bid on t-shirts with exclusive design from local designers

Skill Crown

An idea for the gaming platform with third party games allowing developers to earn

Buy someone some happiness

A GEO and Facebook linked app that buys your friends or strangers some gifts.

Online entertainment search

I am thinking about creating a search site (and/or app) which searches the online entertainment based on the emotional factors

What do you think of guys? It is a bit of a pun, but hey ho tis project is indeed about collecting the feedback!

Mobile apps - EvilJoy

We are looking at introducing Android and iOS apps for EvilJoy - can you think of the features you would like to have?

Exposed Wines

This is a wine reviews site, food pairing and other news. How to develop it?

Service and delivery ratings

Have you ever had doubts whether to buy something from an online retailer based on how do they deliver? What about some delivery ratings of online merchants?

Support EvilJoy community

EvilJoy needs your help to make this community grow! We are looking forward to your active participation to make this work!


CheckYourSkill is an easy to play and challenge your friends game. We need advice how to develop it further.

Wine Bar in a small town

Should wine bars be a prerogative of big cities only? Would it work in a small town?